About us


The Alcorso Foundation was one of Tasmania’s most highly regarded private foundations contributing to the arts, environment and social justice in Tasmania. Established in 2001 it had a solid constituency across Tasmania as well as networks nationally and internationally.

Its mission was to support and connect individuals and organisations that demonstrate courage, innovation and the determination to make a difference to the social and cultural fabric of Tasmania.

It specialised in identifying and enabling projects worthy of investment by garnering partnerships, managing risk and delivery and ensuring valuable outcomes.

The Foundation’s work was made possible through the contributions of individual donors, corporate partners, government grants and other foundations.

From 2014 The Alcorso Foundation ceased fund-raising, reduced its administrative capacity and delivered its main programs through its longstanding partners:

The Board made a decision for remaining funds be dispersed to selected projects during 2017 and 2018. As well as the main programs, the Board worked with new partners to establish or contribute to the following:

  • The Tasmanian Land Conservancy’s Alcorso Foundation Arts and Nature Fund
  • Contemporary Art Tasmania Aboriginal Multi-Arts program
  • Red Cross/UTAS university student scholarships
  • A coach built by students for MONA’s 24Carrot Gardens project
  • Launceston Design Tasmania’s experiential dining experiences program, that enables the community to participate in design, food and culture
  • Specialised equipment and seating within the Design Tasmania Claudio Alcorso Courtyard.

The Hedberg Performing Arts Centre

The University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music entry foyer which includes a student amphitheatre will be known as the Claudio Alcorso Foyer.

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