Corporate partnering


Partner Investment

Partner investment offers substantial benefits to those wishing to make a significant contribution to Tasmania’s social and cultural fabric through collaboration.


Partner Alignment

The Alcorso Foundation considers each partnership on an individual basis to ensure that its mission aligns with the Foundation’s core values.
In keeping with the international standards for ethical investment, the Alcorso Foundation seeks to partner with organisations that demonstrate:

  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical business practice
  • Social responsibility

Partner Purpose and Fit

The Alcorso Foundation recognises the importance for individuals and organisations to partner with programs and activities that reflect shared values and common purpose. The Foundation provides assurance that parties are aligned and committed to working together towards mutual reward.
The Foundation’s program criteria and assessment process offers our partners peace of mind that their investment corresponds to their organisational culture and corporate mission.
Corporations and businesses partnering the Alcorso Foundation will enjoy prestige by association and benefit from brand exposure and advocacy within the Alcorso Foundation community.

Partner Opportunities

Partner opportunities with the Foundation are available in various forms:

  • Become an annual donor through cash donations
  • Enter into a ‘preferred supplier’ agreement for goods or services that may benefit the Foundation’s ongoing operation
  • Provide the Foundation and its community with goods or service discounts
  • Contribute gifts or support ‘in kind’ to the Foundation to enable its ongoing program delivery and/or fundraising activities.

Partner recognition for any of the above contributions may include:

  • Recognition as an Alcorso Foundation partner in Foundation publications
  • Promotion of partner events or activities in Foundation publications and/or website where appropriate
  • Verbal acknowledgement of partner support during public addresses where appropriate
  • Acknowledgement on Foundation website’s partner page with link to partner organisation’s website
  • Provide link to Alcorso Foundation on partner’s website
  • Tickets to events