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Working in Partnership

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What we do

The Alcorso Foundation contributes to the arts, environment and social justice through:

  • Investing in initiatives
  • Partnering for delivery
  • Bringing people together

We work with individuals and organisations in a collaborative way to generate momentum around pioneering initiatives.

We see our role as garnering partner support and community involvement, being part of the steering group to manage delivery and contributing financially during the start-up phase.

Our programs

The Alcorso Foundation delivers four partner projects across its program domains:

Key program

The Alcorso Foundation undertakes one key program that draws together two of the three domains of arts, environment and social justice and is delivered over three years.

Annual projects

The Alcorso Foundation undertakes three annual projects each year within each domain: arts, environment and social justice.


The annual art project demonstrates potential for excellence in its outcome.


The annual environment project demonstrates potential to enhance environmental sustainability in its outcome.

Social Justice

The annual social justice project demonstrates potential to enhance social inclusion in its outcome.