Our work Recipients 2009

Environment 2009

The Alcorso Foundation Environment Prize is awarded to a student who has completed PhD, Masters, Honours or Graduate Diploma studies.


Peat Leith’s thesis addresses issues of utmost concern to society at large as we contend with increasingly complex problems – of which climate change is the most striking example.

Such issues are simultaneously social and environmental and they challenge us to rethink the institutions by and through which society functions.

Peat cogently argues that we need to move beyond the conviction that we can and will gain an upper hand over complex issues by whittling away at scientific uncertainties.

The work of scientific expertise, while important needs to be augmented with a commitment to develop knowledge institutions in which trust is fostered, not as a goal but as an outcome of inclusive and reflective processes of knowledge production.

Peat lays out specific principles for the creation of trustworthy institutions by which sustainability and natural resource management can be pursued.

2009 /

Cameron McCulloch

From the School of Engineering. Cameron’s research project: "Wind Energy Integration" aims to increase awareness of the importance of wind energy production in Tasmania. His aims are to determine the quantity of wind energy which can be incorporated into the current Tasmanian system and to find methods of increasing penetration amounts. Cameron’s research will provide important value add to the growing field of renewable energy technologies and is supported by Hydro Tasmania’s expertise in renewable energy and power engineering.

Yolande Hall

From the School of Sociology and Social work. Yolande’s project: "Urban Food Production Among Renters" investigates the importance of access to community garden spaces for urban renters for growing fruit and vegetables. Her project has three main objectives: to find out what motivates tenants to become involved in growing fruit and vegetables, identify the nature of social benefits experienced in food gardening, and examine challenges and opportunities associated with food gardening among renters. Yolande will work with a study group throughout her research as well as representatives from Housing Tasmania and other housing-related organisations to gain policy understandings relating to food gardening restrictions for renters.