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The Alcorso Foundation Environment Prize is awarded to a student undertaking Environmental based Honours research in any area of study at the University of Tasmania.

The University of Tasmania’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Rathjen presented the Foundation’s 2012 Honours Environmental Research awards on World Environment Day June 5, 2012. The Foundation congratulate Elise Dewar and Dylan Moores on their awards.

2012 / Elise Dewar and Dylan Moores

Elise Dewar

Elise is undertaking study at the School of Zoology Bachelor at The University of Tasmania. Her research project, Behaviour, stress and disease in Tasmanian devil will investigate the links between behavioural phenotype, biting injuries, disease status – both present and several months in the future, stress levels, and population density. Elise will carry out her studies across five sites across Tasmania: three that are diseased and at low denisty, and two that are only recently, or not yet diseased. Her aims are to identify important gaps in current knowledge about devil facial tumour disease that can assist in strategies to recover populations whilst providing Elise with hands on training in the theory and practice of field conservation.

Dylan Moores

Dylan is currently undertaking his honours research through the School of Sociology at the University of Tasmania. Dylan’s project Improving Environmental Enforcement in Tasmania will investigate the current practical and legislative barriers to enforcement action in Tasmania and whether higher penalties will have an effect on deterring negative environmental impact through poor planning decision or industry negligence. He will also investigate the potential to improve current environmental and planning procedures in Tasmania through the introduction of higher penalties. Dylan hopes that his research outcomes may lead to eventual legislative reforms with a view to preserving Tasmania’s vulnerable environs.