Our work Recipients to Italy 2010

Arts 2010

This award supports Tasmanian based artists practicing across all art forms for a self-directed residency in Italy.

The award aims to promote artistic and professional development.


Julien Poulson’s residency takes place from May 2010 until August 2010.

Collaborating with local Italian artists and musicians Julien is working on developing a new work based on an epic story set in Tasmania, Muskito.

Julien has successfully procured (through the Venezia Council) the use of the historic Villa Widmann on the Riviera Brenta as a recording studio space for his three-month residency.

This beautiful villa in an area full of history and culture will allow him to work with local act The Beards and with music producer Aaron "Professor Louis" Hurwitz (The Band, Mercury Rev).

The new work will allow innovative cross cultural exchange expanding Julien’s already growing repertoire of cross disciplinary collaboration with artists and musicians across the globe.

Muskito is an epic tale set in Van Dieman’s Land but told in the tradition of Italian opera. It is a fictitious adaptation of Tasmania’s early and complex Aboriginal and Colonial histories.

Set in a lawless Van Diemen’s Land, Michael Howe, leader of a wild bunch of outlaws, roams with impunity.

At one point Howe’s banditti becomes so powerful he taunts Lieutenant-Governor Davey by declaring himself ‘Governor of The Ranges’.

A reward is placed on Howe’s head and numerous bounty hunters and soldiers are dispatched into the wilderness.

Soon the hunter becomes the hunted as a mysterious tracker named Muskito joins the pursuit and Michael Howe’s bush kingdom comes crashing down around him.