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The Alcorso Foundation is pleased to congratulate Performing Arts Consultant, Programmer and Producer, Jo Duffy on being awarded the 2014 Claudio Alcorso Italian Residency Award.


Jo Duffy was awarded the Claudio Alcorso Italian Arts Residency award to travel to Italy in 2014 to undertake an intense study of community led and inspired festivals. As Ten Days on the Island’s festival director in 2013 Jo has a passion for engaging with and building community connections through arts and cultural celebratory activities.

Jo’s residency will allow her to travel across Italy visiting many small and large communities to partake in local festivals and cultural celebrations. Italy has a strong history of community celebration from agricultural celebration to mythic folklore providing Jo with an opportunity to engage with, and experience the operational and conceptual development across a broad range of local arts and cultural festivities. Her desire is to bring this experience and new found knowledge back home to Tasmania and work across communities to develop and strengthen local arts and cultural activity.

After working professionally in international arts festivals for twenty years Jo’s desire is to focus on those areas she finds most inspiring and rewarding: community and cultural identity, social return and ongoing legacy. Before settling in Tasmania, Jo divided her time between Italy and Australia over a 12 year period participating in many community led celebrations. This residency will allow her to focus on the interaction with Italian communities and learn through shared experiences and hands on involvement. Jo will to use this residency to build her professional capacity to develop and drive community festivals across Tasmania.

"This residency allows me a hands-on, behind the scenes opportunity to see how cultural festivals and community events can best represent the people for whom they are created," Ms Duffy said, "it feels timely to examine how these celebrations maintain their intrinsic identity and cultural value without being narrowly defined by economic impact and tourism statistics”.

Foundation President, Kate Warner, said it was exciting to have Jo Duffy awarded with this opportunity to travel to such a rich cultural place as Italy and develop new found knowledge to bring back to Tasmania in its growing arts and cultural festivities. “Tasmania has a growing culture of community based arts festivities that attract a growing number of visitors to our island. This opportunity will undoubtedly benefit Jo personally, but importantly it provides immeasurable benefits long term to Tasmania’s wider community.” Ms Warner said.

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