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2017 Arts Residency recipients

The Alcorso Foundation is pleased to congratulate emerging experimental and cross disciplinary artist, Selena de Carvalho on being awarded the 2016–2017 Claudio Alcorso International Arts Residency Award.

Visit the Arts Tasmania website now for more information on residency opportunities. Applications close annually on March 1st and September 1st.


Selena de Carvalho is an emerging experimental and cross-disciplinary artist. Selena’s practice responds to notions of personal ecology and human interaction with the environment. Her cross-disciplinary practice seeks to respond to the cultural/social denial of grief regarding the legacy of ecologically destructive behaviors, with specific focus on the impact on non-human sentient entities, including animals and plants. Technology and creativity are used as a means to raise questions as opposed to providing answers. Selena will undertake a two month residency in KOCHI Artist in Residency program based in the South of India. Kochi is a major port city on the south-west coast of India by the Arabian Sea and home to a population of approx 2.1million people. The residency program focuses on bringing emerging and established artists together from across the world to interact, converse and collaborate. Working with local and international partners, KOCHI A.I.R. is a laboratory for inter-disciplinary activities centered on the skills exchange between participating artists and local communities.


Mat Ward is an accomplished a sound artist/musician. Since completing his MFA at the University of Tasmania’s School of Art in 2009 his practice has encompassed contemporary classical writing, experimental noise mixing, jazz, improvised live performance, field recording and site specific sound installation. He has completed a number of successful commissions for Mona Foma and the Clarence City Council and has worked with composers and musicians in major international collaborative works. His most recent significant international release They Found A Flying Saucer In My Stomach was a year long project involving 12 artists from across the world responding to each others work via an exquisite corpse format to produce a highly eclectic multi genre piece. Mat will use his international fellowship to extend his professional practice by traveling to Italy to undertake research and industry engagement into the history and development of contemporary Italian experimental music and produce a new long format gallery work based on Luigi Russolo in collaboration with Italian musicians.


Dr Julia Drouhin is an artist, curator and academic who explores friction in sociality through radioscapes, installations and collaborative performances. She will undertake a "Phonography 2.0" residency curated by musician and semiotician Dr Emiliano Battistini at RIU in Rimini, Italy in November 2016. RIU (“river” in Catalan Language) is a new independent space founded by photographers and artists Federica Landi, Chiara Medici, Elisa Brandi and Amos Lazzarini, exploring the concept of photography at large, maps of collective navigation, exploration moments of near and faraway lands. Dr Drouhin will explore local soundscapes and territories, musical archive, the use of ancient instruments and oral transmission while carrying her silver gelatin ancestors. She will perform with radios and silver gelatin glass plate negatives and run her first chocolate records workshop with kids. Her Italian research will be included in her first solo show at Penny Contemporary art gallery in Hobart, Tasmania, in 2017.

The Alcorso Foundation’s International Arts Residency Award is a joint partnership program with Arts Tasmania, a division of the Department of State Growth. The next closing date for submissions is March 1, 2017.

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