Our work Lesley Alcorso Editions

A very special limited edition series of specially commissioned works by leading Tasmanian artists celebrate the life of the Alcorso Foundation’s inaugural President, Lesley Alcorso.

The Lesley Alcorso Editions are offered for auction at a fundraising event held at Moorilla and support the Foundation’s projects in the arts, environment and social justice.

2009 edition

The Lesley Alcorso 2009 edition is a special limited edition series of boxed ceramic vessels by leading Tasmanian artists that celebrate the life of the Alcorso Foundation’s founding President, Lesley Alcorso. Five ceramic artists were commissioned by the Alcorso Foundation with the generous support of sponsors committed to the development of the arts sector and the values of the Foundation.

2008 edition

The remaining prints from the 2008 edition are offered for sale. The price has been set taking account of the market value for works by the contributing artists as determined by a valuer, and the prices achieved at the fundraising auction.


* All prints are sold unframed and include postage and handling within Australia.