Our work Lesley Alcorso Editions 2009

Lisa Boyter, ice cool when snow melts spring comes


"ice cool
when snow melts
spring comes"
, 2009, edition: 1/10
Cool Ice Porcelain Vessels
(9.5cm (H) x 8.5cm Ø) x 4

Linda Fredheim: Box 203mm x 203mm x 117mm
Huon pine, blackwood, hoop pine, brass

Lisa Boyter has been a professional potter for twenty years and over that time has produced all manner of work from large hand built pieces to the fine porcelain she is now working with. Lisa has a BFA in Visual Art, Ceramics and Print Media from the University of Tasmania, Launceston and won the Examiner Award for Excellence at the Tasmanian Potters Society exhibition. She is represented by Handmark Gallery.

"These pieces are constructed by casting liquid clay in plaster moulds and altering the form after it is removed from the mould. Using this method allows Lisa to make fine forms, each unique, which exploit the strength and translucency of the fired clay.

The pieces are fired in a gas kiln under oxidation".