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Nic Goodwolf, Future Catchers, 2008, 420 X 595mm, 2 plate etching on aluminium

Nic Goodwolf

Future Catchers, 2008
420 X 595mm, 2 plate etching on aluminium

This work deals with energy exploration and human interaction in a global context. Energy and energy harvesting by societies is not exclusive to the human race. The harvesting of honey by bee colonies is being explored in the same way that humans harvest with oilrigs, hydroelectric dams and wind farms. The work is about the human desire for innovation. It is about the desire and power to succeed regardless and the necessity to find balance.

Working on plates is a fluid process. Nic treats each print as unique and loves to see each work as an individual in a series of the edition.

Nic Goodwolf was awarded the Claudio Alcorso Foundation Art Residency to Italy in 2005. Nic undertook master classes in printmaking before spending two months in a studio perfecting new skills in environmental printmaking techniques. Born in Germany, Nic completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Tasmanian School of Art, a Diploma of Education at Charles Sturt University as well as coursework at the Etage School for Arts in Berlin before he founded the Tapir Print Workshop. He is a practicing artist, arts educator and co-founder of Artgoods, a company that promotes Tasmanian visual artists nationally and internationally. During the last 10 years Nic has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas. He has won numerous prestigious prizes in Germany for his work.

Nic Goodwolf is represented in many private collections in Australia as well as overseas, including Artbank and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery collections.

Nic Goodwolf is represented by Handmark Gallery, Hobart.