Our work Lesley Alcorso Editions 2009

Sara Wright, from my hands to your fingers and lips - my love to you


"from my hands to your fingers and lips - my love to you", 2009, edition: 1/10
Southern Ice Porcelain, wheel thrown, hand embossed & carved
(10cm (H) x 7.5cm Ø) x 4

Linda Fredheim: Box 39.5cm x 12.5cm x 10.3cm
Huon pine, blackwood, hoop pine, brass

Born in 1979 in Winchester, Virginia Sara received her Bachelor of Arts and minor in Industrial Design at Virginia Tech State University in southwest Virginia. Sara migrated to Australia for love in 2003 settling in Tasmania in 2006. She is represented by Handmark Gallery and has been awarded grants to be mentored by Peter Battaglene and Rod Bamford. As well as working as an arts adminstrator she has won the People's Choice Award in the 2007 Design Island exhibition, and participated in the Australian Ceramics Association National Biennial Exhibition: CELEBRATION 2007 curated by Prue Venables. The death of her younger brother in late 2007 had a profound effect on her and she now concentrates fully on her ceramic practice. She is currently one of two recipients of the 2010 Moorilla Scholarship.

Moorilla Swan Theory

"When asked to do a Lesley Alcorso Edition I wanted not only to reflect a sense of place around Moorilla Estate and the values of the Alcorso Foundation, but also celebrate the enigmatic vision of David Walsh and the opening of MONA there in 2010.

When the wind is still, the black swans on the glassy Derwent create surprising shapes while foraging with their long, reticulated necks. To me they are eerie, if a little sinister. Coming from a faraway place it seems to me to be a romantically antipodean scene and reminds me of Taleb's Black Swan."