Our work Recipients 2007

social justice 2006

Several Humanitarian Entrant education awards of $2,500 each for students with refugee status who are currently enrolled in the State and Catholic education systems offering financial assistance to award determination against overwhelming odds and encourage their education and career pursuits.


Rozeet Hussain

Rozeet was born in Iraq and made her way to Tasmania in 2004 with her younger sister Rokshar. The sisters have been separated from their mother and brother for 10 years and from their father for four as a result of the on going conflict in Iraq. Rozeet’s father got his family out of Iraq due to severe safety issues within the country but he was unable to get them out at the same time and consequently they are now spread throughout the world as refugees. This separation has created enormous hardships for all family members. The sisters making their way to Australia, as young females by themselves with limited English and no resources, was extremely difficult. In Devonport the sisters live together and have become part of the local community. Rozeet has plans to attend the University of Tasmania to study Law and to apply for Australian citizenship in 6 months. This award will certainly help her move forward with her goal. This extremely focused, cheerful and hardworking young lady said, "I am very proud and happy to receive the award and I commend the Foundation on the wonderful initiative".

Junisa Bangura

I’m originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I left my country in 1991, generally due to harassment, intimidation and persecution. I came to Australia (Hobart) on 15th October 2003. I am a widower with two children, Joseph Bangura (8 years) and Isata Bangura ( 6 years) and a younger brother, Mohamed Bangura, now called Nyuma S M Bangura, (18 years). At present I am studying at Elizabeth College doing Year 13. My ambition is to study Civil Engineering when I finish Year 13. My children are studying at New Town Primary School. My Home Group teachers at Elizabeth College, Sally Duay and Jenny Barclay are giving me massive support to help me achieve my goals. The award will make life easier for me and enable me to complete my studies this year.