Our work Recipients 2008

Social Justice 2007

Several Humanitarian Entrant education awards of $2,500 each for students with refugee status who are currently enrolled in the State and Catholic education systems offering financial assistance to award determination against overwhelming odds and encourage their education and career pursuits.


Duit Puoch Riek (known as Gideon Kang)

Duit Puoch Riek arrived in Hobart in early 2005 and has been a student at Hobart College since 200. Arriving from Sudan via Ethiopia he lives in Kingston with his mother and younger siblings.

The eldest child and with the best command (albeit limited) of the English language Duit carries responsibility for his family due his mother’s failing health. Juggling home responsibilities, education and a challenging academic load Duit strives to achieve results to allow him to enter an Engineering degree at the University of Tasmania.

The Alcorso award will provide Duit with financial assistance to enable him to apply necessary time and energies into gaining pre-tertiary results through extra one-on-one tuition and mentoring support.

Hossein Gholami

Sousan came from Iran in late 2003 enrolling at Devonport High School in Year 10. Life in Iran was difficult for Hossein and his sister Sousan (2008 recipient) with their father dying in 1999 after a serious accident.

Hossein’s family was successfully relocated through a United Nations program that allowed impoverished families to begin a new life in a new country. Along with his brother, sisters with and mother she has settled in Devonport. Adjustment to a new language, social and cultural ways, teaching and learning styles without family support has been extremely difficult.

Hossein’s currently works in excess of 25 hours per week beginning each morning at 4am. This award will allow him to reduce these working hours in order to concentrate on his secondary studies to gain pre-tertiary level so that he may enter university to study Nursing or Business.

Michael Opi

Michael Opi arrived in Australia in July 2006 from Sudan where he was born in 1981.
In 1989 Michael, his mother and siblings fled Sudan to Uganda after the death of his father. In Uganda he completed a Senior 1-3 Certificate and worked as a volunteer teacher in a refugee Primary School. He was not able to attain his official qualifications due to not having the money to pay for the release of documents.

Michael has worked hard to overcome many barriers to successfully completing his secondary education to pre-tertiary level. He has strong commitment and dedication to realising his potential here in Tasmania. The Alcorso award will enable him to pursue his studies, undertake tuition as necessary and still care for his wife and two children here in Tasmania. Michael still sends small amounts of money back to Uganda when he is able to help support his siblings and mother.