Awards Presentation 2011 Social Justice Awards 2011

Minister for Human Services and Community Development, Cassy O'Connor presented the Alcorso Foundation's Humanitarian Entrant Education Awards at a ceremony held at Parliament House on Friday 9 December, 2011.

  • Ruth Vita with Cassy O'Connor

  • Recipients with families and friends

  • Nute Rai Sung with Cassy O'Connor

  • Samuel Olal with Cassy O'Connor and award partners Liz and Peter Brooks

  • Mathew Nekemiah with Cassy O'Connor

  • Mooh Eh Paw with Cassy O'Connor

  • 2012 Recipients: Nute RaiSun, Ruth Vita, Mathew Nekemiah, Samuel Olal, Moo Eh Paw. Absent: Hana Abera