Our work Humanitarian Entrant Education Award Recipients 2012


The Alcorso Foundation’s annual awards are presented to humanitarian entrant students undertaking study in HSC Colleges across Tasmania. It recognises and rewards the hard work students have committed to their education and community participation.

The award not only offers financial assistance to ensure maximum education benefit, it provides opportunity and confidence for each student to encourage them to strive for and reach personal and career goals that may otherwise be unattainable.


Ms Hana Abera,
Elizabeth College, Hobart
Hana comes from Uganda and arrived in Tasmania in May 2007. She attended Ogilvie High School for years 8 to 10 and is now studying at Elizabeth College. Hana wishes to study in photography so that she may photograph people and their cultural practices worldwide. Her dream is to one day open up an orphanage for children in Uganda and Ethiopia “to help people and children without families or who are poor, and give them a place they can call home”. Hana is an Ethiopian who grew up in Uganda and proud to be African.

Mathew Nekemiah
St Patrick’s College, Launceston
Mathew was born in Sudan-Khartoum and arrived in Tasmania in 2006. Due to the war in Sudan Mathew became separated from his parents and grew up with his grandfather in Olikee. Mathew is in year 11 at St Patricks College, Launceston where he is working towards gaining entry to University of Tasmania to undertake his Bachelor of Fine Arts. His dream is to one day work in communities on major community art projects.

Ms Moo Eh Paw
Claremont College, Hobart
Moo Eh is a Karen migrant from Burma arriving in Tasmania in 2010 with her family of eight. Before coming to Australia Moo Eh spent 14 years in a refugee camp in Thailand. Moo Eh is now studying at Claremont College where she wishes to undertake studies in “Introduction to Working in Health” to help her reach her goal to become a nurse. Moo Eh’s career goal is to undertake an “Aged Care” vocational course and work with the community. She is currently a member of the Glenorchy City Council’s “Young Women’s Group” and the Migrant Resource Centre’s young women’s programme called “Blossom”.

Ms Nute Raisung
Launceston College, Launceston
Nute was born in Mizoram, India. Her family are from Burma but due to problems with the military they had to flee to India for safety. In 2000, Nute’s family moved to New Delhi as refugees. In year 10 she received an award for outstanding student and a Scholarship for college and is now following her dream to acquire entry to the University of Tasmania to study nursing.

Ms Ruth Vita
Guildford Young College
, Hobart
Ruth grew up in Zimbabwe before being granted a Australian humanitarian visa to come to Tasmania. Currently studying at Guilford Young College her dream is to gain entry to the University of Tasmania in 2013 to undertake studies in journalism and International Relations.

Mr Samuel Olal
Hobart College, Mount Nelson
Samuel was born in Uganda where he I lived with his parents until they both died when he was very young. Living with his sister until an aunt sponsored him to come to Australia Samuel worked in a quarry smashing rocks after school each day. Samuel is now in Year 11 at Hobart College studying hard to complete his year 12 with the necessary grades to enter the University of Tasmania to study electrical engineering. Samuel’s award is a joint partnership between Peter and Liz Brooks of Hobart and the Alcorso Foundation.