Our work Humanitarian Entrant Education Award Recipients 2013


The Alcorso Foundation’s annual awards are presented to humanitarian entrant students undertaking study in HSC Colleges across Tasmania. It recognises and rewards the hard work students have committed to their education and community participation.

The award not only offers financial assistance to ensure maximum education benefit, it provides opportunity and confidence for each student to encourage them to strive for and reach personal and career goals that may otherwise be unattainable.


Ms Yashoda Koirala
Launceston College, Launceston
Yashoda comes from eastern Nepal where she was born in a refugee camp. Yashoda and her family arrived in Tasmania in February 2010 after living in a refugee camp for eighteen years. She now attends Launceston College and is working hard to attain entry to the University of Tasmania where she wishes to study nursing. Yashoda will use her award to purchase a laptop and printer and take extra tuition to imrpove her English and writing skills.

Ms Kamala Acharya
Newstead College, Launceston
Kamala was born in a Bhutanese refugee camp and arrived in Tasmania in December 2009 with her family of six. Kamala aims to be an Accountant and is currently working hard to attain her pre-tertiary subjects to gain entry into the University of Tasmania’s Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2014. Kamala will use her award to assist her in purchasing Information Technology necessary for her subject matter as well as undertaking any extra studies she requires.

Mr Chirack Kadima
Launceston College, Launceston
Chirack’s family are Congolese but had to flee their home before Chirack was born. Growing up in South Africa he sees himself as as being "of mixed origin, South African and Zimbabwean". Chirack’s dream is to continue his studies and gain entry in Journalism in order to becoming a news anchor for a major broadcasting station such as the ABC or BBC.

Ms Sumaya Abdulhakim
Claremont College
Sumaya was born in Ethiopia and moved to Kenya where she lived in a refugee camp for two years during which time she had little education. Arriving in Tasmania in 2011 she commenced her studies at Claremont College. Sumaya works as an interpreter of the Oromo language, working particularly with women at the Royal Hobart Hospital and has recently been asked to act as a telephone interpreter for women across Australia. Sumaya has a great interest in Science and was recently awarded a place in the Tasmanian Youth Science Forum. Sumaya will use her award to assist her in her desire to pursue a career in the medicine or nursing.

Claudine Rukundo
Claremont College
Claudine was born in the Congo escaping to Zimbabwe where she lived for six years. Claudine is a highly motivated student and was awarded a place in the prestigious National Youth Science Forum in 2012 joining 400 students from around the world in Perth for a twelve day Forum. Claudine likes to read and walk. Arriving in Tasmania in 2012 Claudine has her sights set on becoming a doctor. She will use this award to assist her in undertaking her pre-tertiary subjects at Claremont College.

Kumari Thapa
Rosny College
Kumari was born in a refugee camp in Nepal. Her family moved to Australia in 2010 where Kumari entered Grade 9 at Rose Bay High. Kumari began Year 11 at Rosny College in 2012. She has a strong commitment to improve her English and develop her education and learning skills. Kumari is the eldest of four children and shares the cultural responsibility for caring for her siblings, household chores and meal preparation. Whilst attending to her cultural commitments she also applies herself to her studies in a dedicated manner in order to follow her goal to work in Hospitality. Rosny College will assist Kumari utilize this award to providing extra tuition to ensure her Year 12 success in order to pursue her long-term career goals.