Our work Humanitarian Entrant Education Award Recipients 2014

Social Justice Banner 2014

The Alcorso Foundation’s annual awards are presented to humanitarian entrant students undertaking study in HSC Colleges across Tasmania. It recognises and rewards the hard work students have committed to their education and community participation.

The award not only offers financial assistance to ensure maximum education benefit, it provides opportunity and confidence for each student to encourage them to strive for and reach personal and career goals that may otherwise be unattainable.


Ms Pabitra Subba
Launceston College, Launceston
Pabitra was born in a refugee camp at Nepal arriving in Tasmania in 2011 as a seventeen year old. Pabitra’s goal is to complete her Year 12 studies at Launceston College in order to gain entry in to the University of Tasmania so that she may study Nursing.

Mr Santi Ram Kafley
Rosny College, Hobart
Santi was born, and grew up in a refugee camp in Nepal after his family fled Bhutan. He is the eldest with two sisters. Santi arrived in Australia in January 2013 and has embraced his education in order to continue his studies towards becoming an Engineer. Santi’s award rewards the commitment and hard work he has demonstrated to teachers and his determination to succeed in life.

Mr Feranbon Abdulhakim
Claremont College, Hobart
Feranbon was born in Ethiopia and is one of seven. He and his family were forced to flee their home to Kenya where they lived for many years. Feranbon’s family moved to Australia where he began his schooling at Cosgrove High School showing great courage and commitment. Commencing Claremont College in 2012 Feranbon is working hard towards commencing Architectural studies at the University of Tasmania.

Ms Geeta Dahal
Launceston College, Launceston
Geeta arrived in Australian from Nepal in May 2008 after living in a refugee camp with her family. Geeta is working hard to complete her studies at Launceston College planning to study Biology, Health Studies, Chemistry and English Communications in her Year 12 in order to gain entry to University so that she may study Nursing.

Mr Binod Kafley
Rosny College, Hobart
Binod’s family are Bhutanese and lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for eighteen years prior to coming to Australia in early 2013. One of three brothers Binod’s dream is to one day become a qualified chef. He looks forward to using his award to help him complete his Year 11 and 12 and aims to get a part time job in a restaurant to compliment his Kitchen Operations studies.

Mr Abubakarr Kamara
Hobart College, Hobart
Abubakarr was born in Sierra Leone in 1996. His family were forced to flee Sierra Leone to seek refuge in Guinea. Abubakarr has experienced a great deal for such a young man and is grateful for the opportunity to receive education in Australia where he and his family arrived in August 2013. His dream is to become a lawyer one day but for now he is committed to completing his Year 11 and 12 studies towards university entry level.