Our work Humanitarian Entrant Education Award Recipients 2017

Mohammad Sadeghi, Somayeh Hosseini

The Alcorso Foundation’s annual awards are presented to humanitarian entrant students undertaking study in HSC Colleges across Tasmania. It recognises and rewards the hard work students have committed to their education and community participation.

The award not only offers financial assistance to ensure maximum education benefit, it provides opportunity and confidence for each student to encourage them to strive for and reach personal and career goals that may otherwise be unattainable.


Mohammad Sadeghi

I lived most of my life in Iran and I came to Australia about five years ago with my mum and two young sisters. In Iran, I used to study and work at the same time. I was born in Iran but my parents are from Afghanistan.

I lost my dad and my younger brother at a really young age. After they died, my mum decided to live with my grandparents. When I was 11 years old we moved to camp that was set up by Iran’s government for Afghan people in Iran. After two years in camp we were accepted by the Australian government to come and live in Australia.

Now that I’m in Australia I have a better chance of achieving my goals and the schools are much better than schools in Iran. I really am thankful to the teachers for their effort and the time they put in to help me. This award will help me achieve my goal to be an Agricultural Scientist.

Somayeh Hosseini

My nationality is Afghani but I was born in Iran and I lived in Iran sixteen years like a refugee. I arrived in Australia one year ago in 2016 with my family. I would like to be a psychologist in the future. I’m so pleased of the Australian government that help refugees and give to us opportunity for live and study in Australia because when I was in Iran I must pay money to government for study. Also thank of English teachers Sally Press and David Squires.