Our work Humanitarian Entrant Education Award Recipients 2018

L–R Farzaneh Tajik, Sarda Gurung, Ali Amiri

The Alcorso Foundation’s annual awards are presented to humanitarian entrant students undertaking study in HSC Colleges across Tasmania. It recognises and rewards the hard work students have committed to their education and community participation.

The award not only offers financial assistance to ensure maximum education benefit, it provides opportunity and confidence for each student to encourage them to strive for and reach personal and career goals that may otherwise be unattainable.


Farzaneh Tajik

Rosny College

I am Farzaneh Tajik. I came to Australia on 24/8/2017 with my family. I live with my dad, mum, my 5 sisters and my 1 brother.

My family are from Afghanistan and they escaped to Iran. My brother, my sisters and I were born in Iran.

I believe education is so important because it will help me improve my life and give me more opportunities to have a good job. In the future I would like to be a nurse to help people during difficult times in their lives. I hoping to study at university when I finish at Rosny College. In Iran it was hard to go to university because we were from Afghanistan and we must pay lot of money to the government. My family could not afford to pay. We also could not work. We are very happy living here.

I am studying Year 11 at Rosny College. My subjects are: English EAL, Maths Method Foundation, Computing and Working with Children. Next year I am also going to study Science and Psychology in preparation for nursing.

I am very happy and grateful to receive this award because I will be able to buy my own laptop to help me with my studies.

Sarda Gurung

Rosny College

My name is Sarda. I’m from Nepal and I was born there in a refugee camp. I came to Australia in 2013 when I was only 10 and now I am 17, so I’ve now been here for 5 years.

It’s been tough to blend in and still is a bit because it’s hard to communicate sometimes in English. Sometimes I have many question marks in my head because I’m not really sure what people are saying.

When I was in primary school and first and second year of high school I didn’t have friends. It was really hard and scary because back in Nepal I used to have lots of friends but suddenly I don’t have any.

Now at Rosny College, I have made new friends so it is not that scary. Also it was hard because I got in a car accident right before high school started and missed half of the first year of high school. Now I’m at college and I’m happy because I’m part way towards achieving my dream job to be a chef.

I’m studying Certificate ll in Kitchen Operations in 2019 and I would then like to go to TasTAFE for Certificate lll in Cookery.

I am very happy and grateful to be winning this award because it will help me buy a laptop so I can study at home.

Ali Amiri

Hobart College

My name is Ali Amiri, I am a grade 11 student at Hobart College in 2018.

I first came to Australia in 2013 as a refugee from Iran. I am originally from Afghanistan but I was born in Iran.

I live in Hobart with my mother, sister and younger brother.

I enjoy sport, like soccer, fishing and bushwalking.

I have a part-time job at the Gormanston Road Store. I am working toward getting a certificate 2 in retail through my job.

In the future I would like to be a police officer. I would like to help people with the problems they have.

In 2019 I am going to study Legal Studies 2, English as an Additional Language 3 and Certificate 2 in Sport and Recreation.

I would like to go back to Iran one day to visit my friends and extended family.

With an award from the Alcorso Foundation I would like to buy a lap top to help me with my education. It is difficult to do my homework without a computer at home.