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Our involvement with the Alcorso Foundation provides a platform which together we can make a meaningful contribution to our Community
Kevin Lyons, Director, Salters Hire

Partner Testimonials

Arts Tasmania: “Arts Tasmania supports and encourages exchange of ideas, skills and creativity between Tasmanian artists and international artists and organisations. Arts Tasmania has supported the Alcorso Foundation arts residency since 2003, as an important program that supports Tasmanian artists in developing their cultural expression in a global context.” Katherine Hough, Director Arts Tasmania, 2011

Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning: “The Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning has greatly valued the development of its partnership with the Alcorso Foundation in 2011 for the delivery of an anti-racism education program in schools. The Foundation’s active participation, willingness to innovate and concern for ongoing sustainability have been pivotal to the success of the project.” Helen Hortle, Director.

Liminal Graphics: The spirit of Alcorso. We are not judged on the words that we say but the deeds that we do. The Alcorso Foundation, through the generous hearts of its members, has bridged communities and countries through its support to the arts, environment and social justice issues. It has enabled a plethora of artists, designers, environmentalists and refugees to unleash their creativity and vision to genuinely inspire future generations. I feel privileged to be part of the Alcorso family (community). Tracey Allen, Principal

Focal Printing: “Focal Printing are proud to partner the Alcorso Foundation. It is a reciprocal partnership and we value the contribution the Foundation gives the community.” Jacinta Jacobson, Principal

Brighton Council: Brighton Council is very pleased to support and greatly appreciates the wonderful efforts that the Alcorso Foundation make to bring experiences to the municipality that many residents would not otherwise get exposure to. The responses from community members are always positive and they appreciate the opportunity to experience the expertise that the Alcorso Foundation brings. Cathy Harper, Council Services Officer

Program Testimonials

“The Alcorso Foundation continues to demonstrate its commitment to building communities through its many varied and innovative programs and activities. Mt Nelson campus fully support the Foundation and look forward to working with them in the future to deliver more great programs for our community.” Gini Ennals, ESL Support, Mt Nelson Campus, 2011.

“Mona Foma values the opportunity to work in collaboration with an organisation such as the Alcorso Foundation… the Foundation is committed to building community engagement and participation through its programs. The value contained within is immeasurable for Hobart’s broader community and I fully support the Foundation’s commitment to growing their capacity to deliver in the future.” Brian Ritchie, Curator MONA FOMA, 2011.

“I am inspired by the Alcorso Foundation’s commitment to the arts, environment and social justice in Tasmania… it is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to our community through the Foundations great programs.” Alderman Adriana Taylor, Mayor Glenorchy City Council, 2011.

“Thank you to the Alcorso Foundation for allowing us to once again take advantage of this amazing opportunity… students in the Federation will once again have the opportunity to work with inspirational international musicians.” Eve Mills, AST Flexible Learning Leader, Jordan River Learning Federation.