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The Alcorso Foundation’s Sustainable Viticulture Award will add to the high reputation of the Tasmanian wine industry, as we show our commitment to sustainable production methods.
The Honourable Lara Giddings, Premier, 2011

Project Partners:

Wine Tasmania

On Saturday evening, 6 October 2012 at MONA, the Minister for Economic Development, the Honourable David O’Byrne presented the 2012 $10,000 Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Award to Ms Jennifer Doyle of Frogmore Creek Wines.
Jennifer was selected from three finalists judged by a panel of five Tasmanian wine specialists.
Wine Tasmania representative, David Sanderson said there was very little to separate the applicants. “However there can only be one winner and the panel elected to grant this year’s fellowship award to Jennifer Doyle of Frogmore Creek Wines,” he said.
The finalists for the award were:

  • Ms Jennifer Doyle, Vineyard Manager, Frogmore Creek Wines
  • Mr Paul Mueller, Vineyard Manager, Moorilla Estate
  • Mr Andrew Terry, Vineyard Manager, Josef Chromy Wines
  • Dr Fiona Kerslake, Senior Research Fellow, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Jennifer’s fellowship will allow her to travel to New Zealand, USA, and France to explore ‘old and new’ world viticulture practices with a view to identify long proven ‘old’ practices that remain highly successful in the management of weeds, pests and disease and implementing them as the ‘new’ in Tasmania’s sustainable wine practice. Jennifer has twenty years experience in the wine industry and believes strongly in sustainability and integrated pest management for vineyard management. In receiving this award Ms Doyle stated “This Fellowship provides a wonderful opportunity for me, both professionally and personally. I hope to immerse myself in the viticulture of my chosen destinations and bring back to our own Tasmanian wine industry learnings and experiences of innovative and successful sustainable practices.”

Wine Tasmania, Plasdene Glass Pak Pty Ltd jointly supported the $10,000 Dr Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Fellowship award in 2012.

If you would like to know more about the Foundation’s Viticulture Fellowship or any of its awards and programs please email Chief Executive Officer, Sheralee Davie at sdavies@winetasmania.net.au.