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Fiona Kerslake

The Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Fellowship is administered by the Alcorso Foundation’s Project Partner, Wine Tasmania

"The Alcorso Foundation’s Sustainable Viticulture Award will add to the high reputation of the Tasmanian wine industry, as we show our commitment to sustainable production methods".
The Honourable Lara Giddings, Premier. 2011

Wine Tasmania

On 31 October 2013 the third recipient of the $10,000 Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Award was announced as Fiona Kerslake from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.

Fiona will undertake a study tour with a specific focus on sustainable viticultural practices for high quality sparkling wine production in Europe. Fiona’s tour will include visits to France, Brock University and surrounding vineyards in Canada, attendance at the 19th GiESCO meeting in France in 2015, and time with E&J Gallo in California.

In welcoming the announcement, Wine Tasmania CEO Sheralee Davies, noted the importance of sparkling wine research for Tasmanian wine producers.

“Tasmanian sparkling wine represents around a third of all wine produced, and it is a key driver of our international wine reputation”, she said. “Tasmanian wine producers are focused on innovation and quality, and Fiona’s study tour is expected to provide additional insights and information to benefit sparkling wine producers.”

If you would like to know more about the Foundation’s Viticulture Fellowship or any of its awards and programs please email Chief Executive Officer, Sheralee Davie at sdavies@winetasmania.net.au.