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The Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Fellowship is administered by the Alcorso Foundation’s Project Partner, Wine Tasmania

"The Alcorso Foundation’s Sustainable Viticulture Award will add to the high reputation of the Tasmanian wine industry, as we show our commitment to sustainable production methods".
The Honourable Lara Giddings, Premier. 2011

Wine Tasmania

On 29 October 2014 the fourth recipient of the $10,000 Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Award was announced as James Aubrey from Hill Smith Family Vineyards.

James is a technical officer at the Jansz Parish Vineyard in the Coal River Valley wine growing area, overseeing a large and expanding vineyard. He will use his award to undertake a study tour taking in Germany’s Mosel region, Burgundy and Champagne in France with a focus on viticultural research and extension specific to cool climates. James will meet with researchers at Geisenheim University, Reims University and the Jules Guyot Institute of Vine and Wine, to discuss topics including environmental stress, sustaniable production, grapevine physiology, biocontrol and technology transfer.

James will also attend the 9th International Cool Climate Symposium which will be hosted in Brighton, England, following his successful pitch at the 8th event held in Tasmania in 2012.

Wine Tasmania CEO Sheralee Davies welcomed the announcement of James as the 2014 Don Martin Fellowship recipient and noted the importance of research and extension specific to cool climates.

“The majority of Australia’s wine production is in warmer climates, and our national research has therefore tended to focus on issues affecting warmer regions. Tasmania has a climate and growing conditions that have little in common with mainland wine regions and targeted cool climate research is incredibly important, particularly at a time when we are experiencing strong growth and welcoming new entrants to our sector. The investigation undertaken by James will assist shape research priorities within Tasmania and support linkages with other cool climate areas.”

Alcorso Foundation president, Professor Kate Warner, said the Fellowship was possible through a generous bequest Dr Martin made to the Alcorso Foundation.

“Dr Martin was a great friend of Claudio Alcorso both sharing a passion about improving wine grapes grown in Tasmania. His generous bequest to the Foundation has allowed the Foundation to develop a Fellowship allowing individuals in the Tasmanian wine sector to explore leading sustainable practices outside Tasmania and share that knowledge for the benefit of the broader Tasmanian wine sector.”

If you would like to know more about the Foundation’s Viticulture Fellowship or any of its awards and programs please email Chief Executive Officer, Sheralee Davie at sdavies@winetasmania.net.au.