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The Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Fellowship is administered by the Alcorso Foundation’s Project Partner, Wine Tasmania

"The Alcorso Foundation’s Sustainable Viticulture Award will add to the high reputation of the Tasmanian wine industry, as we show our commitment to sustainable production methods".
The Honourable Lara Giddings, Premier. 2011

Wine Tasmania

The fifth recipient of the $10,000 Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Award is Natalie Fryar of BTD Wine Enterprises.

Natalie is the proprietor and Senior Consultant with BTD Wine Enterprises and has been deeply involved in the Tasmanian wine industry for fifteen years and with the wider Australian Wine Industry for twenty five years. Her wealth of experience, knowledge and networks places her at the forefront of growth and change facing Tasmania’s Wine Industry. With this in mind Natalie will use this fellowship to undertake a three week study tour throughout Europe, the United States and New Zealand, to investigate wine varieties and grapevine clones most suitable for Tasmania in the changing climate. Natalie will also examine how other wine regions manage planting sites and stock and link with relevant, long term, outcomes-focused research priorities in the context of a changing climate.

Wine Tasmania CEO Sheralee Davies welcomed the announcement of Natalie as the 2015 Don Martin Fellowship recipient and noted the importance of this focused investigation.

“The Alcorso Foundation has instigated this valuable program to support research into key areas of relevance to the Tasmanian wine sector. As part of the Fellowship requirements, learning from this research will be shared with the broader Tasmanian wine community, ensuring the benefits are widespread. In the context of a changing climate, Natalie’s research is particularly relevant and we look forward to learning and benefiting from her investigations”

Alcorso Foundation president, Dr Caroline Alcorso, said the Fellowship was made possible through a generous bequest from former CSIRO Chair, Dr Don Martin, to the Alcorso Foundation in 2007.

“Dr Martin was a great friend of my father Claudio Alcorso, and shared his passion for both improving the quality of Tasmania’s wine grapes and for the natural environment. This Fellowship commemorates a man known for his generosity and commitment to sharing scientific knowledge for the betterment of Tasmania’s wine industry.”

If you would like to know more about the Foundation’s Viticulture Fellowship or any of its awards and programs please email Chief Executive Officer, Sheralee Davie at sdavies@winetasmania.net.au.